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Veil Colors and Edges

Our Bridal veils you can customize, you can get almost any veil in different colors and edges. Here are some of the colors and Edges that we offer. If you want to have a veil a certain color or edge call us or email us and we would be happy to give you a quote. We want to make sure you are getting the right color of veil to match your dress if you would like a veil sample we would be happy to send you some in the mail to match up with your dress.

Veil Color Options
Standard Edges Available









Rattail Edges Available

Corded Edges Available


3/8" Ribbon Available

Veil Lengths


Blusher: A shoulder-length layer of the veil that is worn over the face. Typically combined with other lengths and used for both formal and semi-formal weddings.

Elbow Length:
Our 2-tier veils are 25" x 30".  The top (shorter) layer is the blusher. Our single layer elbow veils are 30" in length. T
his is our most popular veil length!

Fingertip Length:
Our 2-tier veils are 30" x 36".  The top (shorter) layer is the blusher. Our single layer elbow veils are 36" in length. 

Cathedral Length:  Our cathedral length veils are typically a single layer 120” in length. They are used for formal weddings and generally the veil will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train. Cathedral length veil looks best when worn with a cathedral or semi-cathedral length gown. 

Brides can also combine veils – a single layer elbow with a cathedral length veil and use the elbow length as the blusher. 

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