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    When you are shopping for your big day, everything has to be perfect! Come check out our beautiful selection of wedding veils that showcase the most popular styles worn by today's brides. Don't worry about the designer price that comes with the latest fashions. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable veil site around! 
    We have everything from shoulder length to cathedral and floor veils, so take a look and see if you can't find the perfect length for you. All of our veils come on a comb so you can easily wear your veil with all different types of hairstyles.
o matter what style you are looking for we can help you find the perfect accessory so that your wedding day will be one to remember. 

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Cut Edge Wedding Veil- 2 layers
Simple Cage Veil In White or Ivory
30" Long Cut Edge Bridal Veil
Raw cut edge Wedding Veil
10" x 15" Long wedding veil with Filament Edge
Two Tier with Gold or Silver Pencil Finished Edge
Two Tier Raw Edge with Scattered Pearls Veil
Knee Length Standard Cut Edge Bridal Veil
Simple Fine Bird Cage Style Blusher Face Veil
Two Tier Raw Edge Veil
Cut Edge, Knee length veil
Cut Edge veil, shoulder Length veil
Circle Cut Pencil Finished Edge Veil
36" Cut Edge Veil (72" W)
Rounded Satin Corded Edge veil- 2 Layers
20" Long Corded Edge Bridal Veil
Bird Cage Veil with Side Combs
Birdcage visor veil
Sheer Ribbon Edge Bridal Veil
Cut Edge Blusher Veil- 1 layer
Fine Bird Cage Style Blusher Face with Scattered Pearls
Pencil Edge Veil- 1 layer
Waist Length Cut Edge Bridal Veil
Two tier Cording (Rattail) Edge Veil
Two Tier Thin Soutache (Thick Pencil) Edge Veil
Circle cut (Rattail) Edge w/ Scattered Crystals
36" Long veil with a Corded Edge
30" Long with a 3/8" Ribbon Edge Veil
Pearl Edge Bridal Veil
One tiered 36" bridal veil
30"x36" Cut Edge Veil
20" Long, with a 3/8" Ribbon Edge Veil
Shoulder Length, 1/8" Ribbon Edge Veil
Metallic corded with pearl, bugle bead and rhinestone accents veil
20"x 25" Cut Edge Wedding Veil
Tulle Birdcage face Veil with Crystals
20" Long Veil on Comb
1 Layer Flyaway Visor Illusion Veil
Soutache Edge Veil Shoulder length
Pearl Edge Veil, shoulder length
30" Long Soutache Edge Veil
Two Tier Satin Ribbon Edge (1/4 inch) Veil
20" Long Cut Edge Bridal Veil with Pearls
20" Long, Pearl Edge bridal Veil
20" Long, Rattail Edge Wedding Veil
20" Long, Soutache Edge Veil
30" Long, Rattail Edge, Bridal Veil
Bird Cage Couture Bridal Veil on Comb
5/8" Sheer Ribbon Edge Veil
Short Corded Edge Bridal Veil
1 Tier Elbow 7/8 Ribbon
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